I am passionate about the benefits that can be enjoyed from making even small diet and lifestyle changes. I've seen this for myself since changing my way of eating and exercising many years ago to address the psoriatic arthritis which I was diagnosed with as a teenager. These changes brought about a vast improvement in my health and energy levels as well as in the level of pain I was experiencing. It was this insight which made me decide to study nutrition; I wanted to learn how healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle can help other people with different chronic conditions and improve their quality of life.

Before qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist, I studied Theology at Oxford University. I then qualified as a lawyer at Linklaters and went on to spend eight years working within the legal team of an investment bank. My time in the City gave me an insight into the challenges to healthy eating that many people face when under stress and working long hours. I seek to give practical, realistic advice and achievable goals to help my clients overcome these - and many other - obstacles.

I live in London with my husband and four young children. I love home cooking for my family, particularly baking (I confess I do have a bit of a sweet tooth...). With a typically busy home life I'm a huge fan of quick, easy nutritious meals which can be eaten by all the family. I'll share some of my favourite recipes with you on my Blog. Hope you like them!